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What did you do right after high school? Salt Lake City, UT USA
What did you do or think you would do right after high school? View Website
came back to the U of U.
Occupation Attorney -- and a bunch of others: disk jockey, logger, news director, USAF and USN military officer,
Children/Grandchildren? Married to Liz Sherlock, 1980

John (Stepson) born 1971 , died 2016. Carrie, Daughter (first More…marriage) Born 1974. Adam, Son, (first marriage) Born 1977. Jeff, Son, Born 1984. Hilary, Daughter, born 1994. One living grandchild, Thomas, born 2020.
Military Service US Army National Guard, USN (JAG), USAF (retired)  
Yes! Attending Reunion
If you could go to another country, where would it be and why? What countries have you been to and which one is your favorite?

Been to a lot already (Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Canada, Mexico, Malta, India. Lived in Turkey, England, Spain, Panama. Bucket list? New Zealand, Scotland, Portugal.

Do you have a School Story, funny memory or something that you can share?

Unfortunately, I was really shy and socially awkward in High School. Tried to be more friendly and fun, but like a lot of high school kids didn't do too well in that regard. Wish I could go back and be more comfortable and show my other side -- other that being just known as a 'smart kid'. What I remember most is really wanting to ask someone out on a date and being too afraid or embarrassed to do it. One of my fondest memories is being in Kim Burningham's classes and the plays / musicals where I tried to break out of my shell. And had a great time!

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Two days apart in Birthdays! Happy (belated) birthday. Wish we had connected more all those years ago ......

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