Terry Sanslow

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What did you do right after high school? Wellington, UT USA
Occupation Retired Galavent and grandpa
Children/Grandchildren? Kody Ray, born 1970
Casey Lee, 1972
If you could go to another country, where would it be and why? What countries have you been to and which one is your favorite?

Worked at Hill Air Force Base until 1974. Moved to Price Utah to work in the coal mines. Retired in 2003 at age 55 from the Coal Mines.
Just enjoying life and grand kids. Waiting to be a great grandfather. The granddaughters tell me I have to wait a few more years.
Enjoy hunting, fishing and camping. Any thing out doors.
Was elected to Wellington City Council as recreation director. I do the Jr. Jazz and T-Ball games. I also am also in charge of the Knight-Ideal Community Fishing Pond. It is part of a Reclamation Project By DNR.
In 2016 I was awarded the Stewardship Award as Community Fisheries Mentor of the year by the DNR.

Do you have a School Story, funny memory or something that you can share?

I really enjoyed going to Bountiful High. Had many good friends and lots of good times. Don't think I ever missed a dance. Went to most of the pep rallies.
We really had some of the most amazing teachers there.
Was on the wrestling until my first match and got my collar bone broken.
Also enjoyed being on the Stage Crew. Good excuse to get out of class. Got to enjoy all of the School Plays and programs.
Spend a lot of time with Gary Shearer and Dave Ward. Did our best to maim ourselves with skate boards.
Worst day was Senior sluff at Pine view. No need to say any more about it.

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