Catching Up with Friends

Kirk Gilmore, Susan Gruendell, Connie Workman, and Dave Anderson get together in St. George area.

Old friends have become New friends.  

Vonna Vee, Merilee, Lynn, Peggy, Carol, Jayne, Jan, Beth, Linda, Jan, LuAnn



Thursday lunch with the guys.



The BHS guys having lunch:  Myron Wilds, Charlie Skewes, Bradd Hayes, Bob Zesiger and Chad Fenwick.  

Thanks John for getting the photo.


Faded Jeans Concert with 6,000 in attendance.  (Glen Hadley's band)



Terry Christiansen, Dave Andersen, Kirk Gilmore


Sherrie Dalebout Crase, Lu Ann Winegar Wallin

Bob Zesiger and Shawna Bangerter Zesiger

Golf Gals at Kemo Classic:  Sherrie Dalebout Crase, Paulette Class Birdsall,

LuAnn Winegar Wallin, Carol St. Jeor Lewis, Nancy Hawks.




Out for a game of golf at Kemo Classic in St. George.  Dale Parkin, Tim McNees and Randy Iverson Smith.



Glen Hadley manages to see a few friends when they stop by to see his band "Faded Jeans" in Arizona.

(Rasmussen boys, Ron and Dennis Murphy.